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Matt Fuller-Tyszkiewicz is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. his expertise in using cutting edge technology to detect and intervene for eating disorders and other mental health issues. Matt will lead this project, and co-lead Study 1.

Lead Chief Investigator

Matt Fuller-Tyszkiewicz

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Professor Susan Paxton is well recognised as the leading body image expert in Australia, and has been involved in the development of multiple interventions. She will provide consultation on all aspects of the WIRED grant.

Chief Investigator

Susan Paxton


Postdoctoral Researcher Scott Griffiths specialises in male eating disorders, and will be leading Study 2 and the intervention for males of diverse sexual orientation.

Chief Investigator

Scott Griffiths


Senior Lecturer Suku Sukunesan has a computer science background, and will be leading Study 3, involving the development of an algorithm to facilitate the identification of problematic social media use, and interventions delivered through social media 

Chief Investigator

Suku Sukunesan

Sian McLean is a Psychology Research Fellow in the Institute for Health and Sport at Victoria University, and has expertise in social media, body image, and eating disorder prevention interventions. Sian will co-lead the development of early interventions in Study 1.

Chief Investigator

Sian McLean

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Associate Professor Zali Yager has a Health and Physical Education background, and expertise in the development of interventions for body image and eating disorder prevention. Zali will contribute to interventions developed in Study 3, and lead the user-engagement and knowledge translation aspects of this grant.

Chief Investigator

Zali Yager 

Associate Professor Rachel Rodgers has an honorary appointment at La Trobe University and will bring her expertise in the development of m-health interventions for body image and eating disorder prevention to contribute to Study 1 and 3.

Chief Investigator

Rachel Rodgers


Associate Professor Cathy Mihalopolous is the Director of Deakin Health Economics and will lead the economic evaluation of these resources (Study 4).

Chief Investigator

Cathy Mihalopolous


Professor Denny Meyer is an applied statistician with expertise in the evaluation of e-health interventions. Denny will contribute statistical expertise across Studies 1-3.

Chief Investigator

Denny Meyer

Professor Alex Parker, from Victoria University, is a clinical psychologist, and has expertise in the dissemination of mental health interventions. Alex will co-lead the user-engagement, and knowledge translation aspects of this work.

Chief Investigator

Alex Parker

Lecturer Adrian Shatte has a computer science background, and significant expertise in the application of novel technologies to enhance mental health monitoring and intervention. Adrian will lead the technical development and deployment of the app-based aspects of the project.

Associate Investigator

Adrian Shatte

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