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Project Overview

Study 1

Developing innovative early interventions for eating disorders

In Study 1, we will develop and evaluate an evidence-based app for early intervention for eating disorders. This will be the first of its kind in Australia, and reach populations who have restricted access to, or would otherwise be unlikely to seek treatment.

We will engage young people (18+), with and without eating disorders, to co-design the app.

If you would like to have input in the development of this resource, please sign up for project updates- we will call for co-designers soon!

Study 2

Tailoring early intervention to gay men

Gay men are vulnerable to the development of eating disorders, and unlikely to seek treatment.

In this study, we will specifically design an app for early intervention of eating disorders among gay men (18+ years).

If you would like to have input to the development of this resource, please sign up for project updates.

Study 3

Learning more about, and intervening through social media 

Social media is a prominent influence on body image, and can increase risk for eating disorders.

In this project, we will use naturally occurring data from social media platforms Instagram and twitter to map and monitor eating disorder related posts, and help to identify where intervention could be helpful. We will also trial the use of micro-interventions, delivered through social media platforms, as a prevention and early intervention strategy.

Study 4

Evaluating the cost effectiveness of online early intervention for eating disorders

Data collected in the previous three studies will be analysed in order to determine the cost effectiveness of early intervention at various stages of risk, and for a range of populations. 

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